Phone call

Receive alerts via a phone call during an outage. Can only be enabled using an escalation policy.


Go to your Account settings → Add a phone number.

Phone calls can only be enabled through an escalation policy.

If you have an European phone number, you will be called from +31 970 10 25 72 04. For US and non-EU countries, you will receive a call from (424) 325-7650 (+14243257650).

How it works

We do not send phone call alerts more than once every 5 minutes. If a single monitor experiences multiple outages (going down and then back up repeatedly), or if multiple monitors trigger alerts within a 5-minute period, you will only receive one phone call.

Tip: We recommend testing your channels to make sure they are working. To do so, create a monitor that returns an error, such as a 404 page, which will trigger the alerts.