How to setup SMS notifications for status page subscribers

To follow this tutorial, you will need a Hyperping account, which you can create from the Hyperping new account registration page if you don’t already have one.

You can connect your own Twilio account to send notifications via SMS. You will be billed directly to your Twilio account.

We automatically create a US toll-free phone number after your connect your account. Twilio charges $2 per month for this service.

Connect Twilio

The Twilio setup is made at the Project level, since a project can contain multiple status pages.

The Twilio Connect button will redirect you to the authentication page. If you aren't signed up yet, a registration form will be presented to you.

By granting Hyperping permission to your account, you allow us to buy and send SMS via your account.

Enable SMS notifications for your status page

Once your Twilio account is connected, you can now visit any status page for this project and enable Send status update via text messages.

Voilà! Once enabled, your status page will give the visitors the option to subscribe to status updates using their own number.